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Training Courses

Two half-day training sessions will be held in early March to equip students with fundamental skills such as CV writing, impressive presentation, self-branding, and problem-solving skills. Experienced young executives and professional career coaches will also provide up-to-date training and share the latest career trends with participants.

Day 1
Get a job

Day 2
Your performance
& image at work




Ms. Olivia Kung

Partner, Wellington Legal

Chairman of YEC

Manfred Lau_edited.jpg

Mr. Manfred Lau

Director, Graval Group

Vice Chairman of YEC


Dr. Mark Lee

Research Director, Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy

Elsie Yung.jpg

Ms. Elsie Yung

Director, Elsyung Consulting Ltd


Mr. Almon Kwan

Director, FDMT Consulting

Tristan's Photo_edited.jpg

Mr. Tristan Shing

Head of Marketing, JobsDB

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