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The Pitch Perfect Programme (完美求職計劃), initiated by Young Executives Club (YEC), is an all-round training programme and competition for local undergraduate students. Under the programme, students learn fundamental skills through training courses, mentorship and internship to help them embark on their career. They will also participate in a round of competitions to get the opportunity to put all their newly gained knowledge into practice and impress a senior executive to win cash prizes.


Format: Individual
Eligibility: Year 1 – 4 undergraduates studying at local universities.
Participation Fee: HK$200 

(The programme sets a 70% attendance requirement. All students who achieve this will have their HK$200 refunded and be awarded HKGCC Student Membership for one year, and a Certificate of Participation.)  

1)  Launch Ceremony and Orientation (1 March, Chamber)
2) Training1  (4 March AM, Chamber)  

3) Training2 (11 March AM, Chamber)
4) Mentorship Meetings (3 Meetings) 
5) Company Visits (students can enroll in 3 out of 7 company visits) 
6) Pitching Competition Round I 

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STAGE 1 - Training Sessions  
4 and 11 March, Chamber Theatre

Two half-day training sessions will be held in early March to equip students with fundamental skills such as CV writing, impressive presentation, self-branding, and problem-solving skills. Experienced young executives and professional career coaches will also provide up-to-date training and share the latest career trends with participants.

STAGE 2 - Company Visit & Internship

Company visits


Students have the opportunity to visit more than 1 sponsor company in March to learn more about the company background, mission, business operations and upcoming plans which can help them prepare for the pitching competition in stage four.

As the quota for each company is limited, students may have to rank their choices for the visits. The Chamber and sponsor companies have the final decision on the visit quota and arrangement.


Students have to submit CV to participating companies in applying internship. As number of vacancy is limited, not all student participants could get the internship opportunity. Duration of internship and benefits varies among sponsors. More details to be announced.

STAGE 3 - Mentoring

During the mentoring phase, students will be divided into groups each led by 2 mentors from the Young Executive Club. Mentors will be sharing their personal stories and advice on career development as well as giving guidance on preparing the pitching competition in the next stage.


Each group is advised to meet at least three times, either in physical or virtual format.

STAGE 4 - Pitching Competition
mid and late May(TBC)

The final stage of the programme is a 2-round pitching competition. If you can beat other contestants in the first round, you will receive HKD 8,000 and enter the final to compete for an additional HKD 10,000.


First Round

Each candidate can only choose 1 company track to participate, and the company should be the one that have been visited in stage 2.


The first round pitching sessions will be held at sponsor companies. A panel of judges composed of company representatives will conduct group interview with candidates. Each candidate will give a two-minute presentation and answer questions from the panel. There will be 1 winner from each track, and totally 5 candidates can enter the final.

*Picking company is also strategic as number of participants for each track may not be the same.



5 winners will be doing a group interview by a judging panel formed by the Chamber and YEC leadership. A final champion will be selected and awarded HK$10,000, and one day job shadowing with a business leader.

*Details of the competition will be announced.

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